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Tidwell Auto Services

The Tidwell Auto Services family pride themselves on being up-to-date on all the latest diagnostic tools and services. We assure that our equipment is state-of-the-art, so we can provide you the best service possible.

At Tidwell Auto Service, we take the extra time and care to be sure we are one of the friendliest auto repair shops you have ever done business with Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. We truly care about our customers and their vehicles. See what our customers have to say...

No need to take your vehicle to the dealer to use your extended warranty. We will honor and handle all your extended warranty needs.

Bring your car to us to keep your warranty satisfied with all the regularly scheduled maintenance your dealer or manufacturer requires.

Tidwell Auto Service is part of the Certified Auto Repair Systems community Autel MaxiCOM MK808. This gives you the assurance that any work done at Tidwell is guaranteed at hundreds of other independent ships nationwide who are part of the Certified Auto Repair Systems community. We offer a guarantee satisfaction with a 12-month warranty nationwide.

SERVICES (Just a sampling)

* Tune-ups
* Transmissions
* Front end alignments
* Fleet maintenance
* Air conditioner service and repair
* Mufflers and Exhaust
* Towing services
* Oil changes and complete maintenance service

At Tidwell Auto Service, all our technicians are ASE certified and trained. We service any make or model vehicle.

Our location at 3283 Independence at Parker behind the Firestone building provides an air conditioned waiting area with comfortable chairs and vending machines to make your wait bearable. We know it isn’t fun to wait on an oil change or other minor repair, so we do our best to assure your comfort while getting your job done as quickly and reliably as possible.

If you need a ride we will happily provide that with a smile Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. We want your vehicle down time to be as pleasant as possible. We truly appreciate your business.
Hi, and welcome to Tidwell Auto Service. We’ve developed this page so you can meet "the family."

At Tidwell Auto Service, we have grown strong due to repeat satisfied customers and word of mouth. Now, as we grow into Internet advertising, we want you to know a bit about us.

We are here to help with all your auto repair needs. For more information visit

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Things to Inspect Before Purchasing Used Cars in Oakland

Many people have the tendency to buy used cars that are in good condition. The sole reason of their preference of buying a used vehicle over the new one is the price. It is a misconception that buying a used car is a futile investment; rather, if the buyer finds one perfect and reliable source for buying used vehicles, then he can be well placed on the winning side. The dream of owning a brand new luxurious car is often left unaccomplished owing to the financial incapability. The situation has changed a lot and it is quite possible to own a Ford own or a Mercedes Benz, even in times of strong credit crunch. Since the price of the used vehicle depreciates within a couple of years, its price value also goes down by 20-30% and at times, even higher. And so, considering an investment on buying a used car is in no ways futile as you can own the luxury car at much lowered price, paying merely 60% of its original price. In the tough global economy, a saving of that level is a lot! So, if you have been looking to buy used cars in Oakland, then read on to find some tips to get in touch with reliable used car dealers.

There are multiple ways of searching for used cars in Bay Area and Oakland. You can search it online, or look for your choicest models in the public auctions. It is lot easier to find loads of models on website as well as online purchase is a cheaper process. Since you have a strict budgetary standard for buying the car autel, the online platform can help you choose one as per your budget and choice. There are several ways to consider which you need to follow in order to make the process of buying used cars in Oakland more efficient Autel MaxiSys MS906TS.

Firstly, for buying used cars in Bay Area or Oakland, you need to find used car dealers in the online websites and seek to contact one which offers used cars at cheapest price. Amidst the crowd of car dealers, you need to be sure that you are with the right auto dealership company which will offer you the best deal. You need to make sure that the dealer holds a commendable reputation in the automotive dealership business as well as ensure that they have they have an inexhaustible variety of vehicle in store!

As you seek to buy used cars in Oakland or Bay Area, make sure that you have decided the amount you want to invest. Look at different makes and models of the used cars and choose one that suits your pocket's strength. You also need to compare the depreciation in price of a specific model and compare the price with different automotive dealer's websites. Accordingly, you can negotiate the price with the dealer and get the price lowered. You should also remember to negotiate on the total out-the-door price with the dealer. The out-the-door price is the gross price of the car, including the taxes and fees Autel MaxiCOM MK808.

While buying used cars in Oakland, make it a point to inspect the car's condition. Look whether there are any scratches in the body, cracks in the mirrors. Inspect to confirm that the tires are not worn out or the reflectors are not missing etc. Also take a look at the safety features of the vehicles such as airbags, crash resistant door panels, auto-locking seatbelts etc. Any of these things missing give you a chance for you to negotiate with the dealer to get the price down.

Another crucial point to inspect while buying used cars in Oakland is finding out the car's previous owner. You need to ask for a car fax report, although most good dealerships offer these to you for free. You need to find out whether the vehicle was owned by more than one owner and if so, you can use the issue as your bargaining chip.

In order to avoid disappointments, post your car purchase, you need to ensure that the vehicle is in a moderate condition. If you do not have enough knowledge on the specifications and special features of the vehicle, you can ask a local mechanic or your friends. You can also browse several websites that provide information on car's specifications. The bottomline is to look before you leap into buying used cars from Oakland based automotive dealers.

Rossey Corell writes car reviews and also tends to inform the readers about the merits and advantages of buying used vehicles. She also offers information about the reliable automobile dealership companies which sell used cars in Oakland ()

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The Uses of the GPS

The GPS is used to help you find locations so that you will not get lost. This is pretty much the simplest definition to describe a GPS. There is much more to a GPS than just finding the destination of your location and that is why many people enjoy the GPS. These are some examples of the uses for a GPS:

1. When you are traveling you can find hotels, restaurants, emergency stations and other important places while on your journey.

2. Obviously you can find a direct route to where you are headed and get exact instructions on how to get there.

3. When there are things that cause your route to be changed such as road work or roads closed then the GPS will let you know and give you an alternative route.

4. Many times people who are traveling in bad weather appreciate knowing the condition of the highway ahead of time.

5. The GPS will give you warnings on weather conditions, road conditions, and often will help you select an alternative route or advise you to get off the highway for safety sake.

6. The GPS was first used by the military to help keep the unit on the right route during desert storm so it is capable of helping a caravan of people who are traveling to stay together and not get lost.

The GPS is guided by satellites that are placed in the sky for the convenience of the user to enable you to be able to keep up with directions no matter where you travel.

Now that you know what the top 6 reasons are when it comes down to the uses of a GPS, I'm going to show you can find the best deals when it comes to buying a portable GPS navigator for your automobile Autel Diaglink.

With so many GPS devices on the market today, it's hard to pick out the one you want. I made it easy and put together a top 10 list, which you can find at the end of this article. I was able to put together this list by reading reviews, getting opinions from others, and factoring in the price. Some many GPS devices out there have different options, sizes, and colors. It's going to be hard to choose one.

The first thing you want to do is consider the options. What kind of options do you want? Do you want a luxury one that shows you traffic and more? Do you want one that just tells you where to go? If you want something simple Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, I would get a simple one that just shows you where your final destination is Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. It's never smart to get one that's cheap, because you're going to get what you pay for.

When it comes down to your final decision, make sure you look at options, the size, and reviews online. If the GPS is too expensive, look at a lower end unit, but always make sure it gets good reviews. Without the reviews and good support, you may buy a dud.

Find the top ten GPS receivers all at FINDgascards, where you can find more of my work as well.

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The Super Sirion

There has been a lot of buzz lately… about what… I hear you ask….. The Credit Crunch...America's new president…eemm yes but also about….. ‘The Super Sirion' …. Some say "This car is like economical aid in time of financial crisis!" There has been a lot of talk about this little gem of a car. Recently Daihatsu quoted there are 5 Reasons to buy a Sirion.

1)Established Reliability 2)Spend Less - money on petrol 3)Save More on Road Fund Licence - Sirion is only £35.00 annual tax 4)Low Emissions 5)Free 5 Year warranty and 5 Year Road Side Assistance

But also:

1) The Sirion is made by the Top 3 most reliable car manufacturers as published in the Which? Car Awards 2008

2) The Sirion is sold by Daihatsu who were voted as one of the top 3 car brands for sales and service as published in the Which? Car Awards 2008.

3) Daihatsu was voted as one of the top 4 car brands as published in the Which? Car Awards 2008

4) The Daihatsu Sirion was voted as one of the best 5 superminis for reliability as published in the Which? Car Awards 2008

So why is the Sirion so super? Well let me present the facts then you can make up your own mind.

• When Daihatsu set about making the Sirion their goal was simple but challenging, to make a small car with the highest standards of interior space and equipment Autel MaxiSys Pro, but at the same time incorporating advanced engine technology and body design to give low fuel consumption figures and CO2 emissions.

• The Sirion has been specifically designed to provide more space, more equipment, more manoeuvrability, and more economy than any other car in its class, with minimum impact on the environment. It has a distinctive style that sets it apart. You can see it in every line and curve and appreciate it from every angle.

• Stylish and compact and with its small turning circle it's easy to drive and manoeuvre. And with its intelligent design has a shorter engine compartment to give an unexpectedly big interior. Add the flexible seating and load layout, air conditioning (standard on all models) and a CD/Radio/MP3 audio system and you have a great car that is a pleasure to drive and own. The Sirion really is one car that meets most needs.

• It looks good from the outside and also on the inside. There is a great range of models available to suit everyone. From the frugal but spirited 1.0 litre the added power of the 1.3 litre or the flagship 1.5 litre SX.

• The Sirion is very compact great for parking spaces. It has a shorter turning circle than other cars in its class.

• The Sirion is Modern, funky, Spacious, Versatile, Comfortable, Stylish, Manoeuvrable, goes anywhere, fits in anywhere, safe but most importantly to some in the current financial climate - Economical not on petrol but Road Fund Tax set at just £35.00 per year.

• A quick inspection of the Sirion demonstrates the famous Japanese build quality. Look closer and you'll notice the contrast between sharp, shape-defining lines and gentle, aerodynamic curves that together create a distinctive, modern profile.

• The Sirion has comfortable space in abundance. And just to make sure that you are really comfortable all Sirions are equipped with a height adjustable steering column and with the exception of the 1.0s, they all have driver's seat height adjustment.

• The Sirion is full of equipment that has been sensibly designed. Take the radio/CD Player for instance. No more groping for tiny buttons to change channels. No more looking for the volume control. The integrated radio/CD player has large, easy to see and easy to use controls.

• Every Sirion also has air conditioning, electric power steering, electric windows front and rear, driver, passenger and side airbags, ABS with EBD - the list goes on autel maxisys ms906.

• In addition to the odometer and trip meter the current or average fuel consumption can be displayed on the LCD panel for your information.

• Other features include: Illuminated electric window switches, centre storage tray and box, Front floor console bottle holders, ipod/Mp3 connectivity, integrated audio system. The Sirion comes in 7 colours. All stylish and sleek.

• Seats - Rear Seat Reclining Mode - The right and left split rear seat both offer a reclining backrest that allows rear passengers to relax and enjoy a more comfortable drive.

• Luggage Mode - When the rear seatbacks are folded forward the luggage capacity is increased giving maximum luggage space for two people going on a long trip. When the rear luggage space will comfortably accommodate two fully-loaded golf bags, a 60/40 split folding rear seat may seem almost superfluous. But if you ever need to carry something extra long or luggage this comes in handy!

• The Engine - the 1.5 litre Sirion is powerful with twin Camshafts, 16 valves and dynamic variable valve timing makes sure that performance is optimised, together with fuel consumption and emissions. The engine of the Sirion 1.5 SX produces a respectable output of 102 bhp. For the manual gearbox this gives a brisk acceleration figure of 0-62 mph in 10.5 seconds. Fuel consumption is still an economical 45.6 mpg on the combined cycle whilst C02 emissions remain low at 145g/km. The self regenerating super intelligent catalyst also enhances its environment credentials. So the Sirion 1.5 SX isn't a guilty pleasure - just a sheer pleasure to drive.

• For safety Daihatsu have designed this cars body with Impact Absorbing body. The cabin is protected by an advanced shock absorbing structure and the brake and clutch pedals are designed not to intrude into the cabin in event of a collision. There is a SRS Airbag system in place to protect against collision. There is skid control and Traction Control system in place along with Brake Assist, Brake Mechanism and there is an Anti-Lock Braking with EBD on all models.

• Additional Features on a range of models: chrome plated inside door handle, black rear light housing, side skirts, rear spoiler 8 spoke alloy wheels can be ordered instead of 5 and so on.

So now make up your mind……So ‘where can I buy a Sirion?’ you ask yourself… Go to or call +44 (0)208 200 7787 to make an appointment to test drive a Sirion at HMC Daihatsu your friend family showroom.

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The Repair Shop For Auto Body Repairs in Fremont

After the primer is set then the paint is applied.

The technician will spray above the prior paint to make convinced that the paint is blended very well. The moment the fresh new paint is utilized it will be ready to chemically and physically bond to the paint that is by now on the car or truck. After the paint is utilized, a distinct coat is then sprayed in excess of it to seal it Autel MaxiSys Pro.

As a car or truck will get older and accumulates far more miles, the maintenance that it demands to maintain operating normally tends to enhance, too. When common oil variations, filter replacements, brake repair, and other smaller providers can retain the mechanical element of your vehicle in tip top rated shape, retaining up with the exterior of the car can grow to be additional and more of an matter as the paint is faded and chipped absent by the aspects that it faces during every last drive. Small rocks, vibrant sunlight, and harsh climate all put on absent the gleam of your paint's prime coat finally resulting in a dull, aged-hunting motor vehicle, even with its mechanical capabilities.

The difficulty with this is that paint jobs are costly. Finding a superior paint work can run up a four-figure bill and put a huge strain on your budget. Fortuitously autel ds808, the need to have for a new paint occupation can be place off by taking terrific treatment of your vehicle's exterior you can continue to keep it looking like new despite the mileage's continuous climb. Very first, you will need to park your auto out of direct sunlight and under some form of shelter, be it a garage, carport, or even huge tent. This will safeguard your vehicle from the all-natural factors that gradually dull the paint and will also continue to keep it out of achieve of falling twigs, acorns, and other rogue projectiles that can cause injury.

A different key to conserving money by doing your funds go farther is to wash your vehicle. The trick here, though, is to use the suitable sorts of items in the ideal order to generate a clear and properly-preserved exterior. When washing your motor vehicle, adhere to these measures to retain your paint shining:

one. Wash your car in the open, absent from trees, rubble, or dirt that can get into your sponge and lead to scratches in the paint.

two. Make sure that the sponge or rag that you use is non-abrasive. Any plastic or challenging items can wreck your car's paint work.

3. When washing, make positive to get all of the tiny nooks and crannies in which dirt and debris can settle, this sort of as correct under the windshield and in the door jambs. This will hold these substances from dulling the paint and causing rot.

four. Completely rinse the soap off each time. Leftover soap can lead to a film to kind over the paint and, finally, result in damage.

5. Use wax. Nevertheless waxing might appear to be fairly a chore, the actuality is that it both can make your automobile look and feel excellent and safeguards it by forming a form of shield above it. Wax comes in a huge variety, although, so make guaranteed that the item you pick is the correct a single.

Franklin Benton lives in Fremont and enjoys restoring his autos. He is an avid enthusiast of taking cars and fixing them up. He suggests only the ideal paint and auto body repairs and paintwork. For much more resources, check out:

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